JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC

Mission, Vision & Values Statement

Mission Statement

JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC expects to achieve the following missions:

1. To provide clean, safe, affordable housing in the communities we serve

2. To educate and create personalized solutions for individual customer needs

3. To increase investor value through above average returns.

4. To make a positive difference in the lives and communities we come in contact with.

Vision Statement

JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC is a financially responsible company that achieves consistent growth and profitability through sound acquisitions and proper management with integrity and respect for people.


Values Statement

JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC pledges to conduct business in a fashion that exemplifies these five core values:

1. Integrity: To do what we say we will do for our customer and fellow colleagues

2. Respect for People: To make each person we come in contact with know that they are important

3. Passion: To have the “Fire in the Belly” commitment to help people help themselves.

4. Innovation: To find a creative solution to customer and business needs that is legal, moral and ethical

5. Leadership: To be an organized forward thinking company that provides a positive example in everything we do.