Sell Your Home

JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC specializes in creating solutions for people that “need to sell” a home quickly.  The following are situations that we have helped people through in the past:

  1. Inherited a home that is not wanted.
  2. Needing to close an estate quickly.
  3. Being relocated due to job transfer.
  4. Foreclosure approaching
  5. No longer want to be a landlord
  6. Going through a divorce and neither party want the home.
  7. Neighborhood code violations and do not have the money to repair the home.
  8. Need to move parents into nursing home or retirement home and don’t want to deal with the home or need to sell quickly so they have cash to move in.
  9. Spend down to qualify for Medicaid.
  10. Behind on Property Taxes and not able to get caught up.

These are all life situations that we can help with. We will take the time to listen to your situation and determine your most important needs, then, develop an approach that is reasonable for the both of us. Every situation is different, that is why we take the time to listen.  Many times we can find solutions where others cannot.  It does not matter the condition of the home.  We have a team in place to handle just about every situation we can think of.

If you have a home that you need to sell, click on this link and submit your contact information and the information on the home.  We will follow up with you personally within 24hrs.

Click this link: