I wanted to thank Jay and JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC for the help in selling my mother’s home.  They worked with us during the whole process and I and my mother were very pleased with the results.  I would recommend their services.

Diana G.

Fort Wayne, IN

When I received the call in April from the coroner's office that my brother had died I did not think things could be much worse. Then I saw the house and realized that it was not livable due to a fire in November. I was thankful the house was not destroyed. I cannot thank all of you enough for being so easy to work with. You are certainly men of your word and I cannot tell you how happy I am to recommend your services and abilities to anyone in need. You did everything you said you would, the sale closed without any issues and I can finally close the estate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sherry H.

Fort Wayne, IN


After our mom passed, we needed to sell her house.  We received several flyers from people “who buy houses “as is”, and called several of them to come out and talk to us.

Thank Goodness our lawyer recommended Jay Redding!

Jay and his team were very professional, while also being sympathetic to our situation.  They were very courteous and kind.  We never felt “pushed” into making a decision.  When Jay brought his proposals to us, he was thorough in explaining each one and patiently answered all of our questions.  Jay is an honest and trustworthy person to do business with.

I highly recommend Jay and his team!

Robin P

Fort Wayne, IN


Dear Jay,

I want to thank you for your excellent service in helping us with the house in our estate.

As newly appointed executor of my friend's estate, I was skeptical when first contacted by your office regarding the estate's property in Fort Wayne, Later, I received a phone call from Sarah and, after talking with her about your services, decided to meet with you to discuss the issues and questions about selling the home. I was concerned that the condition of the home was going to be a huge barrier to selling the home and due to the distance and the complexity of the repairs, I wouldn't be able to manage them myself.

Upon meeting with you and Kyle and going through the house together, I was relieved that you saw the potential in the property. Your Observations and explanations were open and honest. I also consulted with two real estate agents and an auction service regarding the sale of the house, but none of them compared to the service you offered. The fact that you were up front about your offer for the house and provided a written offer helped me make the decision to move forward with your company for the sale.

During the administration of the estate, I appreciated your feedback and patience about the delays that came up from the legal process, since it was more complicated than I had anticipated.

Now, I'm looking forward to seeing my late friend's home become an asset to the neighborhood and comfortable place for a new family. I'm so happy that your office contacted me!

Thanks so much for your help.

Martha B.

Grand Ledge, MI


Over a year ago when my father-in-law passed away, I embarked on the journey to sell his house as the executor.  I got 5 offers in the first 2 weeks and they were all fairly close in value.  I decided to go with Jay Redding from JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC and his team spent the most time reviewing what the house was really worth in the market and giving me multiple options for closing a deal.  Bottom line: I trusted him and I ended up getting the best deal from him.  Due to numerous legal wranglings, it ended up taking over a year for me to be able to sell the house.  Jay stayed with me the whole way and stood by his offer even though the legal offer to buy time period ran out several times. I can't recommend Jay high enough.  The team of real estate and title people he brought with him made it extremely easy to close and most importantly, I felt like I trusted his judgement the entire time. I will definitely use JMJ Real Estate Services whenever I can."

Mike F.

Fort Wayne, IN

We recently sold a home thru JMJ Real Estate Services, LLC.  Our house sold within six days of listing.  We were able to close remotely because we live in a different state.  The whole process was unbelievably quick and easy.  It definitely exceeded our expectations.

Michael & Paula T.

Manchester, MO


My siblings and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were to deal with you and your company on the sale of our family home. It is very difficult to think of "strangers" buying the home you grew up in and most likely making changes to what you know as "home" even after growing up and moving away from that property.

You were kind and understanding in our situation and have, since the purchase, made some positive improvements and changes to our family home.

We anticipate that after the remodel our house is complete,  it will become a new home for another family and give them years of happiness and eventually great memories as it has all of us.

It was nice meeting and working with you.

Sharleen E.

Columbus, IN


My husband and I highly recommend JMJ Real Estate Services. We recently inherited some rental properties and were a little overwhelmed with the process. Jay Kindly and quickly guided us through the steps of liquidation. Thanks, Jay!



Fort Wayne, IN